Sunday, August 16, 2009


One thing that I love about my G... is that he can do pretty much anything. Decorating included.

Our room was super hodge-podge. The walls were green. Our curtains were blue and brown (like in the pictures), and our bedspread was purple with flowers (it was a quilt). As you can imagine, it wasn't pretty.

Some redecorating was in order!
What did we do?
  • painted the handles on our dresser to match the room
  • Painted the walls
  • painted the celing
  • got a ceiling fan that matched our room and made it look more sophisticated
  • painted the small table in front of our bed
  • rehung pictures
  • organized my dresser (it's ALWAYS cluttery, it's our catch-all)
  • got a new comforter
  • got new sheets
  • Built floating nightstands
  • got new accent lamps and an alarm clock that matched
All of our (and by our really mean G's) hard work paid off, because our room looks great and I love it!

We got the curtains first, from Lowes and ended up having to decorate everything around them. I found a really pretty comforter at, but when I went to look at it in the store, it competed too much with the curtains. It ended up not matching even a little. I'm glad I didnt' order it online!

So we found this classic stripe comforter in brown on clearence. We also got the sheets from JCP on sale.

Here is the picture on
View from the doorway.Gary built the valance thing to cover our curtain rod. It matches the ceiling and bed.
Here is the table at the end of the bed. Gary put a top on it, and I didn't like it...
Here it is without the top. We got the table for $5 at a yard sale a few years ago. It was white. The "antiqueing" is on purpose. It's G's style.

We already had the throw pillows from other parts of the house. We got them from Garden Ridge. The sheets are called "Ogee Brown" from JCP.

We already had the lamp, but got a new shade to match the room. We got the clock to match from Walmart for $8. G built the floating nightstands. I love that they take up such a little amout of space.

Light blue walls. They look almost white, except next to soething white. We plan on putting pictures in the "window" thing. It will be awesome.

Organized dresser. I made some of the bowls in my ceramics class, my sister made the blue one, his sister made the awesome one, and we had a few just around the house. G made the shelf to display.

G insisted that he hated our fan with seperate bulb cover things. We wanted one that blended into the ceiling, had 5 blades instead of 4, and had a single bowl instead of spererate ones. We got this one from Lowes. It meets all of the requirements and ties the room together.

Painted dresser handles.
I love the collage, the last row needs to be moved to the left a little, and I need a few more pics.

There are still a few small projects that need to be completed, but overall, I love my new room!

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