Tuesday, August 4, 2009

China Trip 8- Final Arrival

Wednesday morning I went to class with Barb. After the first 3 classes we went to lunch and had a giant lunch as usual. Then, Kaytin wanted to take me somewhere. We went on her motorbike and she bought me a necklace and dress as…well… I don’t even know why. But it was so sweet.

The dress is pretty(Picture later...). It’s black on the top and creamy white under the breast. Then it has a colorful sunburst-flowery thing in the middle. I really like it. I hope I will wear it when I get back to the US. I don’t want to mess it up here.

Everyone here dresses beautifully. The teachers (that are Barb’s students and everyone else) always look like they are going to a wedding, or dancing, or out on the town. But they are just going to work. They wear lace, and high heels. They always wear high heels. You will see them riding their bikes in dresses and high heels. It’s unbelievable. I am envious because my feet hurt a lot and I’ve been wearing flats.

They said it was far to my new school, and on the map it looked kind-of far. But less than a half hour later (and it only seemed like 10 minutes) we were there! I didn’t really do anything except try to rest. I didn’t even unpack my things. Brittany didn’t want to go walking, and I had promised not to go alone. So I sat outside in a nice cozy spot and read “My Sister’s Keeper.”

I went to dinner at the school and was told I would eat lunch and dinner there, and breakfast at the hotel. Everyone always asks what you want, “What do you want for breakfast?” But they don’t give you any choices. I was half tempted to say bacon and eggs, hash browns and rolls with butter please. Of Course, of those things the only one I’ve had since I’ve been here is eggs.

I tried to explain to Tony or Tommy or whatever his name is (I really tried but I can’t tell which he is saying) that I don’t need or want that much food. But they continue to bring it to me. He said I need to eat more. I really can’t though. I’m not used to eating this much and I’ve probably gained a million pounds…except all of the food is good for you.

**Sorry no pictures for this one until later

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  1. It's amazing that they serve so much food at each meal but it seems no one in China is overweight!



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