Friday, August 21, 2009

China Trip 17- An Odd Meeting

Sunday, July 19

My birthday was pretty much a normal day, since I had to teach. My kids were very sweet and some of them even gave me gifts. I got a fan, a hangy thing, a necklace and bracelet, and some other small, sweet things from my kids.

During break, Barb and I were walking around (like always) and this car stopped and there was an Italian man inside, and a Chinese woman (who we thought was his wife), and 7 Chinese kids! He asked if we were American teachers. We told him we were, and he said he would like to have us over for dinner. Thinking back, I’m sure this was just one of those things that you offer, but never really think will happen. The guy gave us his business card. He told us he was a business owner in China and that he had moved here about 4 years ago. His business card said something about “Cold Forming Machines” and later we found out that part of what he made was (small) Fararri parts.

We rushed back to the hotel to tell Brittany what had just happened, which I could tell she wasn’t too thrilled about. She really tried, but I think we woke her up. L But, she did agree to go to dinner at his house with us.

At this point, we were so hungry, and an Italian meal almost seemed worth losing our kidney (as our families were worried about). G didn’t want us to go. My mom didn’t want us to go. But I felt like I could be a good judge of a person’s character. For one, his children were so cute and happy looking, jumping around and chattering in the back. For two, he just looked nice and legitimate.
We decided we would give him a call.

School was pretty much going the same as it had been. I was bringing in more pictures and magazines to look at, and I feel like the kids were getting used to me in a way where they knew when they were pushing too much. I’m starting to really like some of the kids and feeling sad that I have to leave them. I was sad about that, but ready to come home all the same.
Oh yeah! On our walk we also found someone to play pool with. They were playing in the street and we just walked up and joined. They seemed amused that we wanted to play, and were happy to let us. Barb swore she was good, but didn't make one ball in. She didn't let me even have the stick once, so I didn't get to try...

Afterwards, I was making fun of her because she said she was good. She insisted that she was good, but she didn't want them to lose face if she beat them. Ahahaha!

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