Saturday, August 8, 2009

China Trip 11- Working on Weekends

We did end up having to go to school on the weekends (But I called that one!). Today was a decent day. My “other” class is still being bad, and I had to separate some of the kids. Even that didn’t really work. I don’t know what to do. I lectured them, I moved them, I yelled. Nothing. We will see how things go today (I’m writing this on Sunday).

We talked about “family” today. I showed them pictures of my family: mom, sister, brother, guinea pigs, cat, son, grandpa, etc. They loved looking at the pictures! I had them write a few sentences about their family and read them aloud to the class. I have 57 students in my 1st class and 42 students in my 2nd class (yes, I know! That is A LOT!), so it took awhile to get through. I’m told that the most important thing is speaking, enunciating, pronunciation. They are taught to read and write (which they are very good at. If I can’t get a point across to them and I write it, they will understand), but not taught very well how to speak. So I try to talk to each student at least once each day. By the time I get around the class, it’s over.

I was very surprised to see that many of these kids have brothers and sisters. One student even had 2 sisters and one brother! That’s 4 kids! I don’t know the specifications of the law, but I’m told it’s “One family-One child.” Tommy even said he didn’t like the rule. He said he has siblings, but could only have one child. I wonder how it works. It’s not enforced where I am; I see families with 2 or 3 kids quite often. I am in a “small” city though (only 5 million).

Many of the student’s parents are doctors, and many are “workers.” A lot of moms were nurses and housewives. They wrote some pretty cute stuff like “My dad is fat” (which I sincerely doubt), or “My mom is old, but she looks young.” Heh.

The second part of class we talked about body parts and played “Simon Says.” Both classes were horrible at it. I don’t think they get the concept. I explained and explained, but they just didn’t get it. Ugh. Stupid English. We kept trying though and eventually a few bright kids caught on.

Some kids from class 1

It’s funny how my classes have personalities of their own.


"Curt" on the right, I can't remember the other boy's name :(
"Henry" My cute little trouble maker..."
"Pearl" wearing black, and "Sheey" wearing blue

After class I caught a cab and went to see Barb in the city center. It was fun to be back there. There is a lot more to do. We spent the evening walking around. I got a new pair of shoes (my feet hurt). It's funny actually. Junior took me shoe shopping and we couldn't find anything that fit. About the largest size they have is a small 8, because most of the women there have really ridiculously small (and cute) feet. I had to get men's shoes :(
Later, Barb and I went to Coffee Folk for some drinks. I got a “Berry Blue Bandy.” It looks really pretty, but it was certainly gross :(. I can’t even describe the taste. Bleh!

Afterwards G asked how I could even think something with berry and coffee might be good... and I really don't know...

My cab only cost 19 RMB on the way to town, but 67 going back! Junior was pissed. He couldn’t believe I paid it, but what was I supposed to do? Argue with the non-English speaking cab driver? (I now know that this is exactly what I should have done...) What would I say? It equals about 10 bucks, which sucks, but I won’t do it again. Next time, I will ask how much before I get in. I watched the meter. I don’t know what happened.

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  1. I think there are also exceptions to the one child policy; like if they live on a farm, they need more kids to work. I guess it's only enforced in the big cities. Crazy!



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