Friday, August 28, 2009

China Trip 18-Italian Dinner!

Today when I arrived at school they told us we were going to go on a field trip. Just like that... no permission slips, or extra supervisors. We just walked to... guess where....

The Zhou Enlai Memorial Museum. They told us that we were going to go in the afternoon, but it might rain, so we were going to go in the morning. If you remember, I had already been there twice, but it was fun to go with the kids. They got to run around by themselves, mostly. And this time there were TONS of pictures. They wanted to take pictures to use for the school website (that even though they told me they would email me the address to, they never did). We were being filmed and everything... luckily... I looked really cute that day :)

We also took class pictures, but unfortunately the person who I asked to take a picture with my camera couldn't figure it out, so I didn't get them. And Tommy said he would send them to me, but didn't... like he would do anything he said he would.

We called Guseppi and made arrangements for dinner.

Guseppi's power went out, so we had to make dinner plans later than we thought, 7:30. He came to the hotel up the road to pick us up...

But finally, we found him. He took us to his business and dropped us off and told us someone would be there to pick us up., he had to run really quick to get two more friends. Ha! This part was a little creepy, and we did think about leaving. But before we could, the lady who was with Guseppi the day before came calling up the drive. It turned out he lived behind his business in a HUGE, beautiful house (with several guard dogs tied to trees).

All the kids were running around all cute, stealing my camera and taking pictures and dragging me around to show me something or another. I fell in love with one little girl and wanted to take her home.

Oh yeah. We found out that all of these cuties were orphans who Guseppi took in for the summer. The girl from the car was his nanny. Guseppi was married (maybe 2 times, or maybe to two different women, I'm not sure). But his wife was killed in a boating accident 6 months ago (or maybe 12).

He got back with 2 Chinese women and we began dinner. It was so, so good. We had some really good white wine called "Franchello." We had an Italian dish that was to die for. We had cheese! Two different kinds of cheese! It was hilarious. They don't eat cheese in China, so it was the Chinese ladies first cheese experience. I was sitting next to one of them, and she almost gagged when she tried the cheese! One kind was really strong, but it was still funny.

It was a really enjoyable night. We talked, and laughed...

The kids ran around and lit cigarettes, made us expressos, kissed Guseppi, served us wine. It was amazing.

Guseppi talked about how important the dinner was that there were so many different cultures together, which I also thought was cool.

Guseppi had adopted one of the children. He was fluent in 4 languages. I almost died when he lit a cigarette and started smoking though.

Anyways, the night went by really fast, and before we knew it, it was midnight.

I said we had to go home, and he agreed to take us.

But before we left, he gave each of the ladies a designer purse from Italy. I got a Prada. Brittany got a Coach. I'm not sure what the other ladies got. But it was an awesome night.

Guseppi said he had a friend in Italy that he got the purses from for cost...but still.
Muy Famoso.

Ugh. No one is looking.
The boys in one of my classes
The girls of the same class
Group shot of those of us who were awake at midnight.
The cute adopted oneHe took my cameraAll the ones with little fingers the kids took, or Barb, she's good at that too.This little girl to my left is the one I wanted to keep. She's 4.

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