Monday, April 2, 2012

Great News!

Hello again! I've been so incredibly busy, and tired. Of course I've been trying to enjoy this beautiful weather. So, sorry for the hiatus.

Anyway, I've got some wonderful news! One of my best friends recently gave birth to her second child, cough, last Sunday, March 25. He wasn't expected for another month, so he didn't have a name!

I receive a text message: "Baby no name is here." It included a photo. Gary, Vincent and I visited baby no name that day.



Vin didn't really want to hold the baby.


Isn't he cute?

Anyway, he ended up getting a name two days later... and it sure is cute!

Little Benjamin was nice and healthy, despite being a tad early. He weighed 7 something pounds even!

I didn't get any pics with Mama, mostly because she looked tired- but also because we wouldn't put down the baby and when we were leaving another friend stopped in.
What a lucky Mama!

1 comment:

  1. I love babies. Something I look forward to in the next few years. So stinking precious.



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