Monday, April 30, 2012

What's Blooming at my House

I love Peonies. They're right up there on my list of favorite flowers. They're so big and fluffy and they smell delicious. IMG_8850

The only bad thing about Peonies is that they attract ants, so it's important NOT to keep them close to the house.

Here's one that hasn't bloomed yet. See the ants?


Here are our Dianthus.


My favorite flowers are Dahlias. Once I get some good ones I will post a photo of them. 

I also have been eying some Clematis at a home on my way to work. 
Do you have a favorite flower?


  1. Love these photos. The one with the ants is simply beautiful. Nicely done karen.

  2. Peonies are beautiful but we can't grow them where I live because it isn't cold enough. My favourite flowers are carnations and gladioli. Marigolds give a good showing but are not a good picking flower - Dave

  3. Ooh. Those are all good ones. I also love Marigolds. They grow really well where I live.



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