Monday, August 17, 2009

China Trip 15- City Center

July18- Maybe?
The day before my birthday (it’s negotiable, because these pictures are actually after my birthday pictures… but who’s counting?), Barb, Brittany, and I went to the “city center” to shop. There are more shops there, and generally just more to do. I got some cute socks and some other small things (a coin purse, a wallet, a keychain. I was disappointed, though; because the cool, cheap fan store was closed (they were fixing something). Everywhere else wanted at least 3x as much, which I didn’t want to pay.

We walked around, watched cute little dancers, and ate at Pizza Hut. Before you ask… no, it’s not the same. The pizza is way smaller and they have odd toppings such as salmon, shrimp, various types of fish, squid, different veggies, etc. We settled on a ham and pineapple. We asked for ranch dressing, and even pointed to some on a salad on the menu, but the girl brought us ketchup. We tried explaining again and thought she understood when she walked off… but she returned with… a second plate of ketchup. It was hilarious. We didn’t want the first plate of ketchup, but we wanted the second… They also had other things there; I specifically remember onion rings because even though they were expensive, I ordered some. Mmm!

Aren't they cute?

They weren't shy

Night timeLook at all of those bikes/motorcycles (electric bikes).This is how you know you are in the "city center" (or how I knew at least).It changed colors and patterns every few seconds. At one point it looked like a Christmas ornament.We discussed how painful it would be if Superman acidentally speared himself on that thing.

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