Saturday, August 1, 2009


I had a wonderful birthday in China (which I'll tell you about later)....

But part of the fun of being gone on your birthday is that you get to have several! For instance, my birthday was on a Sunday in China, then, it was Monday in America. Then, I got to have celebrations upon coming home.

I opened my present from Gary last Sunday when I got home. He got me an awesome photo printer which I have already printed over 200 pictures! It's so convenient, and easy to use. I seriously love it. I'm obsessed with pictures. I'm actually surprised because he gets annoyed with all the picture taking, and now I'll have a good reason to take more ;)

I got a cool Garmin Nuvi navigation system from my mom (Friday):

I don't know if this is the exact one, but it looks similar. I used it today just for fun! What will I do with all the time I save not getting lost?!

She also got me a pretty necklace.

My brother got me a purse from Peru on Monday after he got off work. It's really pretty! And very thoughtful. He also got me some cute jewelry, mostly earrings, which I was just thinking I needed more of.

My sister got me a pandigital photo frame (tonight while I was at her house) with a 6 inch LCD screen. It's in a collage, which I've never seen before but I think is really cool! I can't wait to pick out pictures for it! I was going to tonight but the night slipped away from me really fast!

The bottom right is the digital, and the rest are stationary. I already know what I want in one frame!

I went to dinner at my moms on Friday and I got some delicious food and a key lime pie! mmm.

Thanks everyone!

Don't forget to read the last China post I made. It might be hard to keep up with unless I change the names...hmm...

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  1. Oooh, we have a Nuvi, too. Very useful! And I LOVE my digital picture frame. You'll get lots of use out of it!



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