Monday, August 17, 2009

China Trip 16- Celebrating my 23rd Birthday in Style!

Since my birthday was on Sunday, and we had to work, we decided to celebrate my birthday on Saturday. For some reason, Brittany didn’t hear her phone when Junior called (several times… oops), so we didn’t catch up with him until later.
We shopped (of course), watched barb dance in the street, went with Brittany to get a camera. Then, we got some “cake” which was almost cake, but not as sweet, or nearly as good as real cake.

After we met up with Junior we went to the club, Club Maya. Heh. There were only like… 8 guys there and immediately many of them swarmed over to us. I let Brittany and Barb finish 1 beer before we left to find somewhere else to go.

A guy followed us and told me he would buy me flowers if there were a flower store nearby. Aw. Barb practically shoved him away and told him he was being inappropriate as she held up my hand to show him I wasn’t available… since my ignoring him wasn’t working. I felt a little bad…
We didn’t really know a whole lot of things to do, so we decided to go to KTV again. We had fun the first time and figured why not? We wanted to find some people to go with us, but there weren’t any good prospects, so we partied alone. The first time we went we only drank tea, but this time we had 2 cases of beer (which Junior and I drank none of), watermelon, other snacks, soda, etc. When it came time to pay it was super expensive… and Junior had left before us, so the three of us were left to pay for it. I was fine with that, but I think the others wished he would have chipped in. I really don’t think it was too expensive either, because the other ladies drank a lot, but for China, and the currency in China, it was super expensive (about 650 RMB or about 100 USD).

When we went to get a rick-shaw back to the hotel, Brittany fell out. It was hilarious and she swore she wasn’t drunk, which made it even funnier. But we made it back to our hotel in one piece and in enough time to get a good night’s sleep before teaching in the morning.

I accientally put all of the pictures at the bottom... you'll just have to deal with it ;)

They're exercising in the street. Some of our groupies at Times Extra when we bought Brittany's cameraSome employees who helped us with the purchaseI like this one...My Birthday cakes!

Me eating my birthday cake. It's HOT outside! Barb enjoying her cakeAnd Brittany...My "night" setting on my camera didn't work too well. This "club" had a stripper pole and a stage, but no band or women. hmm.Junior and his Sprite... talking about something.Junior and Barb dancingBarb with a cute girl we met at KTVMe with the same girlI danced with the guy standing at the door. He just grabbed me and started dancing. He works there, so I'm sure he does that often.

I wish I had some more pictures of myself, but no one else had a camera, or used it... and I'm the only shutterbug of the group.

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