Sunday, August 2, 2009

China Trip 7-Plans Change...Again


The class seemed like they were having fun today. Some of the students didn’t understand what we were teaching through the games, so I wrote it on the board: “Hokey Pokey”

What does (or can) it teach?

· Body parts

· In versus out (Opposites)

· Left versus right (direction)

· Listening skills (comprehension, following directions)

“Simon Says”

· Listening

· Comprehension

· Following directions

Doing the Hokey Pokey
Hopefully they understand that we are not teaching them. We are giving them ideas to help their students. They are all English teachers. When I get to my school, next week, I will be teaching children. I will be using the same games.

Add-in: My kids did not get Simon Says no matter how many times we tried (and we tried a lot!). It was just over their heads.

It hasn’t really been that way though. A lot of Barb’s students have comprehension problems. They might know the words, but have trouble conveying them. I don’t think they understand a lot of what Barb says. But hopefully they get something out of this.

Later Tuesday

I found out today that I will be leaving on Wednesday afternoon to go to my school. I have left this journal for a few days, so the recap will be in past tense. I was sad that I had to leave this group, but excited to get to meet the kids and do my own thing.

Tuesday was pretty much like Monday. Barb went on teaching and we were getting stuffed full of food. It’s unimaginable how much these people eat. But they are all thin, small, and as breakable as the noodles they eat.

A normal lunch at the restaurant after we asked not to have so much food...

I think.

Tuesday evening, Barb and I decided to get massages. John wanted to come. It was funny because he was so scared that it wasn’t going to be massages, but “something else,” sexually, I believe. Hahaha. A 50 something year old man scared of a massage.

We went into the place (before John, to “see if it was okay.” It’s nice that he sent us ladies in, huh?). And John came straggling in after us. Eventually we all ended up in the same room. I think they thought we were a family since Barb and John are both so much older than me. John explained that this wasn’t the case and we did charades to tell them what we wanted massaged: feet, neck, and shoulders. The foot massage lasted an hour. An hour! It was nice. Then, the guy came up and pointed to something I couldn’t read. All I could see was 110 (I believe) and I thought he was just showing me the price. I nodded and gave a “thumbs up”, next thing you know, we’re getting full body massages. Barb and I couldn’t take it seriously at all. We were giggling, chatting, laughing, and so were the masseurs. They were both young, maybe my age and possibly brother and sister. Anyways, the massage felt wonderful! The other ladies didn’t want to go with us, and immediately, I wanted to go brag about how wonderful I felt—I refrained. But I did tell them to check it out and they would be happy.
Unfortunately, no pictures of the massages.

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  1. So strange that they didn't understand simon says. I thought it was one of the easiest games!



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