Friday, May 8, 2009

Here's a Funny Story...

The other day I was in class, and our teacher was talking about how he brought some young boy (not sure on the age) to Hooters. While at the restaurant he had all of the waitresses take a picture with the boy. Upon hearing this, a girl in my class says, "You wanted to serve wings, and suddenly you're an object." She said it very matter-of-factly. I thought this was hilarious. I said, (and no offense to anyone who has ever worked at Hooters), "I don't think you work at Hooters so you can serve wings." She retorted, "Yeah, you do it because you want a paycheck." ummm... yeah. Doubt it. I said something to that extent and she commented that she was too tired to argue about why anyone would get a job at Hooters.

That being said, I would work at Hooters. But not because I wanted to serve wings. It would be because there are a bunch of drunk guys who will give you a lot of money for barely any work because you show your cleavage. On the other hand, I work at a crappy restaurant where you have to work your butt off for less than 10% of the bill. I'm talkin' way less sometimes.

She can't fool me.

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  1. Some coworkers and I skipped out of work to go to a Cards game last month, and three of us (all girls) wanted to go to Hooters for lunch. Another girl in the group made everyone else go to Lion's Choice because she's against Hooters.

    Hello! It's their CHOICE. No one is forcing them to work there. They work there because they want the money, like the attention, or both. And my Hooters lunch was delicious. The boys were all incredibly disappointed they ended up at Lion's Choice. :)



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