Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Mother's Day

I'm one of those people who don't put a whole lot of stock into Mother's Day. I feel like my boys (G and babe) appreciate me every day, and I don't feel like they need to go out of their way to prove it to me more than ordinary. I have worked every Mother's Day for the past 6 years, including this one.

So my day started off with work. It wasn't as busy as I thought it would be, probably due to the new steak house opening at the beginning of May. And all of the other restaurants that have opened around town. This year, we weren't really the "it" spot. But oh well, I still made as much as I do on any average Sunday. I got off later than usual because my boss is anal and he thought we were busy.

We were supposed to go to my mom's house after I got off work. Usually at family gatherings we eat dinner at about 6pm. Everyone kept calling me asking where I was (which didn't help me get ready any faster), so I said, "I'm on my way!" I guess when I said that everyone just started eating without me. This kind of hurt my feelings for more than one reason. 1 is because we always wait on my sister when she's running late, which is most of the time. Another reason is because even though we only showed up 10 minutes late, my brother was finished eating and back downstairs, so I didn't get to spend any time with him. okay...

The third reason, and this is kind-of selfish, is because I am a mom too. And I felt like I deserved to be waited for. Usually I show up at least a half an hour before we eat, but the one day I get kept late no one bothers to wait for me.

Then, everyone was wondering why I (and G) were crabby.

Other than the dinner situation, my Mother's Day was pretty good. G and babe got me a cool inversion table.

I always complain about my back, and G had heard from several people that this "changed their lives." So he decided to get me one. Ever since I had the baby my back has hurt pretty bad. We got a Tempur-Pedic bed to see if that helped, which it really did, just not enough. There are a lot of benefits to inversion, which I will post later.

It feels sort-of weird and you can't fully invert on the first time around. It's sort of something you have to work up to. As for the benefits--we will have to wait and see. You can also use this inversion table to exercise, which they show you in the tutorial video. I might try that too.

The other week, my mom get a new camera. She took some pictures on the internal memory before she got a memory card. To look at the internal memory pictures you have to take out the memory card on this camera (I know... weird). She was trying to show someone some pictures and when she went to put the memory card back in she put it in upside down. When there was resistance (because it was upside down...) she crammed it in there breaking not only the memory card, but her brand new camera.

I tried to take it back to Office Max for her, but they (of course) wouldn't take it back. That sort of made me mad, because they're not really losing a ton of money on it. They knew it was customer damage because she left the memory card in the compartment and there were pliar marks on it from when she got it out.

So she thought all was lost. To be quite honest, I did too. But I decided the worst Olympus could do is not fix it either, but then the situation would just be the same. I called Olympus. I didn't tell them the whole story, just the problem. I was a little worried because I had heard that Olympus had bad customer service. But I got lucky. The lady was really nice and emailed me a repair form. They would look at it and if I needed to pay they would let me know before doing any work.

I made copies of the warranty card, and the receipt, and sent off the camera to Olympus to see what they said.

Over a week and a half passed and I hadn't gotten any reply, either good or bad, so I gave them a ring. The person said it had been repaired and shipped out the day before. Really?! Yes! Perfect time for Mother's Day! I gave my mom her old (new) camera back and got her a new memory card. She was so happy, and it only cost $20 for shipping and the new card.

I'm pretty sure this is the one she has...
Anyways, my sis got mom a rose bush and my brother got her a new cutting board (which she needed pretty bad).

Oh yes. I almost forgot. G hadn't gotten his mom anything for Mother's Day. So after work I ran to JCPenneys and got her this cool "grandmother" necklace. They didn't have the one I originally liked so I ended up with a cricular one that said "Love" in 4 different languages. Then in the middle there was a place for a picture. I was surprised that the next day she had found a small enough picture to fit in there and she wore it to school. Yay! :)


  1. Awww, I'm sorry they didn't wait for you! Matt's sis is always late, and we always wait for her. So I totally understand why you'd be upset if they didn't wait the ONE time you were late!

  2. I agree with Jennelle. They should have waited for you. Its really cool that olympus fixed the problem and had it right back to you.. because sadly samsung would not fix my camera when the zoom thing broke. :( and i have confessed my love to almost everything samsung. haha, except that camera.



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