Thursday, May 21, 2009

Movie Maddness

Last night G and I decided we wanted to rent some movies. Now, we used to rent movies all the time, but it's become a special occasion in my house.

When Movie Gallery first opened they had awesome customer service. It made us happy to go there, even though there was a new "Red Box" phenomenon everyone kept telling us about. Apparently we could get the same movies for only $1 each night. But we continued paying $3.99/each to have them for 5 nights. We would turn them in after the first day to get our $1 rental credit, and a few times we took advantage of their "Play on Promise" where if they don't have a movie they said they would, you get it for free, and their other guarantee that you will like your movie. If you don't they will give you a new one for free.

We bought their little "movie cards," even.
The customer service has done nothing but go down. They will have 20 people in line and 3 workers doing nothing, and still won't open a second line. If this weren't enough...

Last night I was reminded why we stopped going there. I went in. I overlooked the movie I wanted. I asked a worker (there were 2 standing in the thing up front) and he directed me with words. "Left, up, left, down, right beneath Step Brothers." They couldn't even leave the little front thing to walk me less than 15 feet. I was actually the only customer in the store at the time.

Then, there were at least 10 movies (that I saw) laying on the floor. The other worker was eating I think. There was food all over the counter...

I found my other movie (I had a rent one get one free coupon) and went to check out. I got out my card and handed it to the guy, we'll call him Mike. Anyways, Mike apparently had a really important text message to attend to because he continued to text for at least 10 seconds while I had my hand out giving my card to him. So I calmly sat it back down since he didn't take it. He finished what he was doing ( I HATE work texters) and rang me up. "$4.49" he said.
I questioned him, "$4.49? I thought it was $3.99?"
"No. It went up a long time ago."
Then the other girl chimed in...
"It's been $4.49 since before I started working here. And I've been here like... 3 months." yep. She had a 'tude.
Back to me. "Okay"
Mike, who also happens to be "Team Leader" according to his badge, says, "Have a nice night."
Well I will. I suppose I haven't rented movies in 3 months, and I won't be again any time soon.

Don't they know you can go to a matinee for $5?

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