Friday, May 8, 2009


I had finals for class last week. I was really disappointed because I didn't do well on the last paper I had for one of my classes. I asked if I could edit it and get a better grade, and my teacher said yes. So I have been working on it this week and I will turn it in today.

I asked my teacher, who I had 5 classes with, if he thought I was going to do okay in my independent study classes. I had a reading class, a freelance class, and a newspaper management class on my own. He said he didn't know because he hasn't graded my work. This made me angry, and worried too, of course. It made me mad because I had been turning stuff in all semester. I actually turned in 2 papers the first week of class. First, if I turned something in all the way back in Jan. why hasn't it been graded? And second, I would have thought that with the first papers, if I had been doing something wrong, he would have told me so I didn't continue to do it wrong. So needless to say, if I get a bad grade I will be crushed.

My freelance class is the same story. You're required to take two semesters of newspaper production (4 credits each). I had a class get cancelled and I needed the credits, so he said I could freelance for 1/2 credit. But he NEVER gave me any assignments. So I went to one of the editors and told him my situation (he was in another class of mine). I told him if they needed anyone to do something, just to let me know. I also suggested writing about the Missouri Grant and how it would affect our students if the program were cut. But the next week, another reporter was contacting me to interview me for the paper I suggested.

So I just started turning stuff in. With permission, I used articles I wrote for my advanced reporting class, and from my intro class (I updated them). I wrote a fresh editorial, and a letter to the editor.

My teacher never gave me any expectations, assignments, lengths, # of papers I needed to write, nothing. I brought it up at least 5 times. Each time, he told me he would get back to me, or email me some stories I needed to complete, but to no avail.

The worst part about it is that I can't really complain. Not only will he have to be my teacher for at least 1 class the next 2 semesters, he is also my advisor, and could really help me get a job. So I don't want to piss him off... too bad.

I feel like I did my part. I did everything I could to make sure I was doing things correctly, and kept up with all of my work. If I get anything less than expected I will be so upset. I know in the grand scheme of things it really won't matter, but to me it will.

On my actual finals, I think I did okay. I'm sure I will find out on the last possible day to turn in grades how I did.

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  1. If he gives you bad grades, I would definitely make an appointment with him to discuss it. He should still be available (and less busy) this summer, so think about making it once classes are over and grades are published. If he isn't listening to your concerns, I would take it to the department chair. Don't burn any bridges with the professor, but his unprofessional attitude toward his job and his students needs to be brought to the attention of his superiors. Perhaps you could even be assigned to another professor.



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