Saturday, May 23, 2009

Jewelry Party!

On Saturday, May 16th I had a jewelry party. Lia Sophia to be exact. I planned it for a bad day because a lot of people had graduation stuff to go to and I was worried no one would show up. After all, my facebook group I had created for the event only had 4 people attending, and 2 were me and the advisor.

But I make good food, so everyone decided to come. Just joking. A lot of people really did come though, so I was very pleased.
For the event we had strawberries and grapes, chocolate covered pretzels, chocolate crackeltop cookies, cheese dip, and Mexican dip (which my mom made for me). here is a beautiful picture of some of the food.

Everything turned out really good, and tasted great too. Which I was glad about because I had never made the cookies before and I sometimes mess up first tries.

Even better, all of my guests seemed to be having fun. Two booked parties of their own! My advisor, who is a really good friend, was thrilled.

Friends, Kaley and Amy with me

My sister (Kristy)in the middle and her friends Crystalyn and Amanda

Me and JennellePart of Abby, Gretchen, Jennelle and Beth

Windy and Nicole (BFFs:))

Here's a pic of all the girls we could gather at that moment.

Unfortunately, I didn't get pictures of everyone. O well. :)

Anyways, I did pretty well at the party. Several people didn't order, which I was totally okay with. After all, it is kind of expensive. 2 girls cancelled their order the next day. I'm not really sure why they even decided to order, because I don't feel like I put any pressure on anyone... o well again.

Anyways, On the Monday after my party G's mom got me another order, and I was planning on "closing" the party on Tuesday. Tuesday night, my mom dropped off 2 more orders and with the three of them it almost doubled my sales. (My mom's work friends spent $102, $120, and $190 and G's mom's friend spent $85) Of course, I understand my friends can't spend that much and I definitely don't blame them!

The jewelry arrived via UPS yesterday! I trifled through everyone's stuff and it is all really pretty. I think everyone will be pleased with their orders!

I had a very hard time deciding what to do with my hostess credit. There was SO much cute stuff to choose from! You guys will have to wait to see what I got (even though I already have the pictures ready!) I have to go do some stuff before work. I know... how will you ever wait?

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