Saturday, May 9, 2009


Man! My babe is growing like a weed (I know it's trite, but it's true). I felt like all of his shirts were too short (even though they were technically acceptable, I didn't like it). I don't like when shirts rest right at pant lines, or stick out at the belly. It's hard to explain without just saying I felt like his shirts were too small. His pants are all getting WAY too short. They're becoming Capri's, which is not okay for my boy. I wasn't too worried about pants though, because he still has a few pairs that are okay, and it's almost summer.

Shorts. Now they're a different story. Last year, babe had a pretty big baby belly, so I had to buy shorts a little bigger. Now that he's grown, it's mainly been taller. He had something like 14 pairs from last year that still fit nicely.

So G and I decided to go shopping and get some new summer clothes.
The baby picked out many of the new clothes he got. We went to Children's Place (at the mall), and then to Target. We were going to go to Old Navy (because they ALWAYS have cute baby boy clothes) but it was getting late and we already had plenty of stuff. Plus, I can go crazy on baby clothes at Old Navy.

Here's a pic of what we ended up with:

babe thinks skulls mean "pirates" for some reason. I think because at Halloween he was a pirate and his costume had skulls on it. Anyways, he likes skulls and crossbones now.

The Skull tank and the monkey shirt he picked out by himself. Children's Place had a really cute shark shirt that said "hungry," but he wanted the monkey shirt. Here are a few more:

Out of this second bunch he picked the surf bus (he thought it was a firetruck...), and the Spiderman.

I even managed to find him a cute shirt for next year:

In order to get shirts that were long enough and accounted for shrinking, I had to get a 4T! I found out that a 4T (toddler) and a 4 in boys is the same. So if I'm going to be buying size 4's my selection just got a little bigger. Yay! JCPenney never has cute toddler clothes, so maybe I can find something in boys next time. :)

Also, I've been looking for a cute pair of shoes to wear to China that would go with both brown and black (because I don't want to bring too much stuff). Oh yeah, and our advisor recommended we not wear sandals. I didn't want to wear heels, because chances are I will be walking a lot. I found a really cute pair at target in Washington, but of course they didn't have them in my size :(. But, since we were in Chesterfield Valley we checked and they had a pair!

I love the shoes! I got some of those little socks to go inside so they don't rub my ankles or the top of my feet. The little sockie things are actually pretty comfortable and I think I might get some more. It's kind of funny that those thin little sockies they give you to try on at shoe stores now cost money (about $2/pair). It's worth it though to keep your feet comfy!
Overall, it was a successful shopping day, and babe should have plenty of clothes for the summer. So long as his feet stay the same size...
He might need some new PJs but they can wait a bit. He can use his other (short) shirts for play clothes outside. Yay!

ps. I just figured out an easier way to post these for next time. Hopefully. So that's cool :)


  1. Love the shoes! And the fact that there are PICTURES!

  2. Ah, I love the little shoes they are cute. And all the little boy shirts are really cute too. He did a good job picking out his shirts!! HEY you figured out the link thing! I was going to tell you how to do it later tonight lol. Sorry I didnt get back to you sooner.



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