Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend...

...always sucks at restaurants.

People have plans that don't include dining out. They float, drink, barbecue, and camp. So needless to say, work was super dead.

I realize I use this blog to complain a lot, but here I go again. Something pissed me off this weekend I wanted to tell you about.

I went to work Friday night (I always work Friday night and Sunday morning) and I wasn't on the schedule. grr. I had been switched to Saturday. So I went home and back to work Sat. night. That's not the angering part.

Anyways, I think I've told you about the head waitress and how mean (expletive deleted) she's been. I was in back of smoking and I had 2 tables. Yep, a whopping 2 on a Sat night...
I was in the banquet room talking to a coworker. Yeah. I probably should have been keeping a keen eye on my customers and every time they took a sip of their drinks I should have rushed over to fill them back up, but I didn't. In fact, I let this lady's coffee get half empty before she said something like, "I guess my waitress is lost, can you get me some more coffee?"

Head waitress, we'll call her Lisa today (mix things up a bit), comes into the back room and snaps, "Karen. You're customer just asked me to get her some more coffee. You need to get out there!"

So I went and checked on both of my tables. Lisa had maybe 3 at the time, so I'm sure it was terrible that she had to do something for me.

Anyways, she goes back and tells the manager on me.
Manager comes up and says,
"Karen, what were you doing in the banquet room?"
Sigh. "Nothing."
"Lisa said your customers said their waitress was lost again or something like that."
"No. Just lost. Not again. I only didn't fill her coffee once."
"Well. Just pay attention."

Okay. Was that really necessary? It happens to every single server. I was taking good care of them. They even (gasp) tipped me in spite of the coffee incident.

It just pissed me off that she told me, and then told on me.
THEN. Fast forward less than an hour. Lisa's daughter's aunt and cousin came in and she headed over to nonsmoking to talk to them. And guess what happened? She has not just 1, but 2 tables sit down and begin eating before she even saw them (a big no no especially since we weren't busy). So I got their drinks and Lisa finally made it over and said thank you.

I told the manager on her. Not really, but I wanted to. I really wanted to say something coy like, "hmm. It happens to everyone." or "Should I go tell Teri now?" But I refrained.

I've learned that in (expletive deleted)holes like that, less drama is better. It's better to get along with your coworkers even if you have to bite your tongue every once in the while (or every day).

Same story, different day.
Do you guys have people in your lives that their mere presence brings you down? Not in an angry sort of way, but in a spiritual "I'm further from God now" sort of way?

It's hard to explain. But I'll try to give you the Reader's Digest version.

I've been hurt. Really bad. By a church. Not God, or the establishment of church, but the actual members who attend the church. And not just one single time, repeatedly.

I've been working hard to get back to where I was and make myself stronger and closer to God. I've been doing a good job, mostly because I have people in my life now who love me and accept me where I am and for who I am. They remind me that God does too.

Anyways, my old pastor (a huge culprit) came in to work on Sunday. My heart sunk as I prayed they wouldn't sit in my section. But of course they did. All of them. Mom, dad, kids, and another couple I wasn't sure who they were, maybe parents? Anyways, 9 in all.

I tried to cut, but my manager said to give it a few more minutes. So I tried to give them away to a dear friend. She asked why and I briefly told her they hated me and I was going to hell. Her exact comment was (I love this) "Great! So give them to the dyke!?"

She decided not to take them. Can't really blame her. Looking back I shouldn't have told her why until after she had taken them.

So I served them. Because that is my job. But I knew that every time they looked at me they were judging me. They were condemning me, casting me to hell.

Especially the pastor's wife.
She was never really mean to me when I went to the church (besides wanting to sew my jackets shut so you couldn't see my shoulders, or sew my slit in my skirt so I wasn't "Showing everyone everything I had.") Okay, so that sounds kind of mean, but she wasn't to my face.

Their daughter, who I was pretty close to, tried to be nice. And I hope she was being sincere, but I know what she probably heard about me from her parents...

Recently, I've had this incident. Then, I saw another couple from the church at the store, and a different one (another condemner) at my yard sale (the wife is super sweet, but the husband is terrible...). Why? There were only like... 20 people who went to the church. Why do I have to run into all of them in such a short time span?

And here's a good one: Why do I feel so shameful and guilty when I really didn't do anything wrong?

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