Saturday, January 1, 2011

Last Christmas Post

I just wanted to share a few awesome things my awesome family and friends got me for Christmas.

Vincent loves these puppy slippers he got me, and so do I. :D
Gary got me a rowenta commercial garmet steamer similar to this one. It has some side things that open to store attachments. It's easy to use and I love it. It heats up really fast and is simple to use. I haven't used an iron since he gave it to me a few days before Christmas.

I also got a cute scarf, purple shoes, snowmen bowls, a sweater and bracelet, other jewlery, a book, makeup, a jacket, a movie, and other stuff from my family and friends.

I am so blessed.

Also, while I was taking down the Christmas tree, I decided to take a picture of my prized bird ornament collection. There are 8! I guess I only got one this year. It's not the best picture, and one head is cut off, but I was having problems with my camera taking them blurry.

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