Monday, January 17, 2011

A Day of Finishing Up...

So I started this blanket for Gary... just about 6 years ago. I started it when I first learned to crochet and it was my first project. It is really, really long, and not very wide. I did almost all of it in one Christmas vacation, then, I ran out of yarn, folded it up and it's been taking up space in the closet ever since. I've contemplated taking it all apart and making something different or finishing it and donating it to Loving Hearts, because after all, it's still warm. I couldn't bring myself to unravel all of it though.

The other day, while going through yarn, Gary asked if he could just cut it and keep it, but it had 15 rows of multicolor on one side and only 11 on the other. I at least wanted to even it out. So, I headed to Michael's and they had the exact same Red Heart multicolor yarn.

I added the last few rows to the uneven side and called it finished. G swears that he loves it because the blankets are never long enough to cover his feet. This photo was taken before I cut off the extra strings. Also, you can't see how ridiculously long it is, but I bet it's probably at least 8 feet long. Maybe someday I will be motivated to add some more, but I don't really like all the stripes, so probably not.

And, finishing that put me in the mood to finish up a few other things like this scarf, which I actually did on a Nifty Knitter months ago. If you're wondering why the strings on the end are all curly it's because I took apart another project and reused the string. They will uncurl when I wash it... I think. And I'll even out the strings then.

And finally, I finished up this cute hat for Vin's girlfriend. Really all I did was cut a few strings and make a flower. Paige makes it look pretty cute!

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