Sunday, January 23, 2011

Photo of the Day- January 23, 2011

Photo of the Day- Jan. 23, 2011

Okay, this being a Sunday, I obviously didn't take a photo of my coworker, Paul Hackbarth. However, today is his birthday and he mentioned that he wanted to be one of my photos of the day, so I thought today would be a good day. Honestly, I didn't take one single photo today anyway, so in less than a month, I already broke my own rules. But, it was Paul who told me that... the best page designs break the rules. I'm sure that can apply to this somehow. Anyway, here, Paul checks out a camera at the Photojournalism Hall of Fame. I love how confused he looks in this picture. So hats off to the guy who has to put up with me every day at work; I know it's not always easy. Happy 27th Paul!

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