Saturday, January 1, 2011


I'm not one who usually makes resolutions on for the New Year. I'm of the mind that if something needs to be changed there is no time like the present. But, it is as good of a time as any to start something new.

This year, starting today, I'm going to try to post one photo every single day.

I was going to make rules for myself about what kind of camera I would use and whether or not I would edit the photos, but at first, I think I will just try to stick with one photo per day and see how that goes. Later I may add different objectives, goals or "rules."

The only real rule I'm laying out at first is that the photo should be one that was taken that day and not before. I'm sure I might bend this rule, but I will try not to.

Sometimes the photos will be edited, sometimes not. Sometimes they will be taken with a nice camera, sometimes they will be shot with my point and shoot. they will be creative, tasteful, cute -- basically anything I see that catches my eye.

Sometimes I'm sure I will be stretched to find something and I'm sure sometimes there will be pictures of my family or pets or whatever. Like I said, so far, no rules about what I can't do.

As I get further into the year I would like to learn how to make the photos a bigger size on here and how to make a cute background for them, but tonight, I had to watch Milo and Otis with Vin, so I didn't get a chance to explore. I didn't want to fall of the boat on the first day.

I think it will be fun. It will make me more observant of the world around me, and it definitely couldn't hurt my photography skills.

I have some other things I would like to work on for the new year, but I will save that for a different post.

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