Tuesday, December 28, 2010

More Christmas Festivities

This year was mine to host the "Dieckhaus Girls Family Ornament Exchange." It's my mom's side of the family. We started the tradition not long before my grandma passed away. Each year, we honor my grandma. In addition to swaping ornaments, each person brings an flower, which are arranged and brought to her graveside.
Well, since it was me hosting it, only my family that actually likes me showed up, and there were zero girls with the last name of Dieckhaus. The others didn't even bother calling to say they couldn't come. I didn't blog about this earlier because, well, my feelings were really hurt.

Regardless, I had a blast!I think everyone else enjoyed themselves as well.
I got a super-cute puppy ornament that Vincent insisted on trading me for his cute Santa. I didn't take a picture of the food, but we had a delicious chocolate fountain, sweets, salad, a greek pasta and more.

I was glad to see my aunts and cousins and other family and spend the afternoon with them. Thanks to those who came!
Also, I wish a very happy birthday to my cousin Nicole, who spent her birthday with us.
Ms. Makenna
Me and my puppy ornament. My sis and her ornament.
Me and my sis with cousin Sarah shortly before she shoved an entire cupcake in her mouth before the cupcake eating contest began.
The only boy at the girls ornament exchnge.
Aunt Michelle and Makenna.
Our pretty arrangement.

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