Friday, December 17, 2010

From A to Z

Things I love, am thankful or like for from A-Z. Some of the more difficult letters are a bit of a stretch.

a- animals, amusement parks
b- beaches, babies, books, Blue October, birds
c- cat (Leo), crafts, crochet
d- dog (Lexi), dancing, dreams
e- energy, education
f- family, friends, flowers
g- Gary, giggles, guinea pigs (Gus, Jerry), God
h- holding hands, hot tubs, health
i- ice melt, (especially on a day like today), Ice cream!
j- jokes, jewelry
l- lip gloss, Leo
m- moms, music, MyMO
n- naps, newspaper
o- Old Navy, opportunity
p-pets, pictures, playdates, Pandora, peacocks
q- quilt, quote
r- rain, roses
s- sunshine, swimming, shopping, shoes, sister, smiles, stars, spring
t- twins!, toddlers, tickle monster, tattoos
u- United States, ukelele, umbrella
v- Vincent
w-weddings, water, waffles, waterfalls
x- Xanadu
y- youth
z- the zoo, zzzzz

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