Sunday, December 12, 2010

Botanical Garden at Christmas

Around this time of year, the Missouri Botanical settles down for the winter. But there's always something amazing there. Today, my family and I visited to see the "Gardenland Express" or train exhibit they have each year. They also had a Gingerbread exhibition and carolers. Just going there makes me happy and alive. I wish I could buy one of the houses across the street and go every day. A little obsessed? Nah... Here are some photos for the day.
On our way from seeing Santa

I got to sit with Santa too!

Vin finally got to see an elf! He has been wanting to.
He's still unsure of Santa, but sat with him without crying for the first time ever.
So intricate...
There goes a train!

We ate at Sassafras...mmm...
Rudolph Gingerbread exhibit
Sorry, forgot to flip this picture...
Gingerbread rocking horseLittle gingerbread houses
Awesome gingerbread nativity
Santa going down a chimney! Again, forgot to flip.
Even Rudolph was at the Garden!
Vincent liked him too!

What fun!

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