Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Easy Peasy Valentine Gift Idea

Happy Wednesday everyone!
Today I have a very special treat for you- a guest blogger! She is my first guest blogger and I'm so excited to show you guys what she has come up with.

Lauren and I went to high school together. We weren't best friends in high school, but we definitely weren't enemies... just different crowds I think. It wasn't until recently that we kind-of connected through blogging and our love of creating things. I wish I would have gotten to know her sooner, because she's a really cool person.

I'm not going to lie, Lauren is definitely craftier than I am, so I'm pleased to show you this awesome Valentine's Day gift idea. Enjoy!


Hi friends. Some of you know me, others don't. I'm Lauren from LaurenDarlings and I write about all kinds of things. I document our nomadic lifestyle, newlywed life, and mainly arts and craft projects with a recipe here and there. I recently got a new sewing machine and have been semi-self teaching myself. That has been taking up the majority of my posts lately.

Anyways Karen was looking for some 'sunshine' here on her awesome blog and asked me to write something up. I'm flattered to be here and thought long and hard about what to share. I finally thought of something I could write about.

Valentine's Day is coming up and you might be thinking of something you could get or make for your valentine without breaking the bank. I have a really personal, inexpensive idea that I think you'll love, especially if you have kiddos. This gift can also be used for ANY other occasion you might need a thoughtful gift.


If you haven't seen it yet, they make chalkboard spray paint. It works on almost everything. Okay I'm lying I've only used on one thing and it worked, but I've seen in blog land it's been used on lots of things. I found this tin that used to hold cookies that we got around the holidays. I did one light coat of primer and followed up with several very thin coats of black chalkboard spray paint.

Leave your honey a sweet message and a sweet suprise inside and waalah Valentine's gift checked off your list.

Chalkboard Tin Love

Filled Chalkboard Tin

Total price of project:
Tin - free if you have one or $1 from the Dollar Tree
Spraypaint - from Michaels ( $4-6 - don't forget to print off 40% off one item coupon)
Box of Chalk - $1.50 (ish)
Total project = 10-12 dollars.

Don't forget this could make several projects in case you need multiple Valentine's gifts or save it for any other occasion you might need a gift for.

If you want to see some more of my projects come on over and say hey!

p.s. she has fun giveaways, tutorials and awesome craft ideas. So head on over and check out her blog.

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  1. such a great idea!! thanks for linking up :)



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