Friday, April 24, 2009

Work last week

There was one story about last week Friday at work that made me very angry. We were very busy, and I got two tables orders transposed (46 and 47).

Where I work, the servers don't actually take the order. The cashier takes the order then we write our names on the tickets and where they go. Both tables sat down at the same time. At first, I actually thought they were together. Anyways, I switched the tickets.

Since they got there at exactly the same time, their food both arrived at the same time. I'll take this time to mention that the drinks were similar too. Okay, so since I had 2 orders another girl decided to grab one and bring it out for me. This was a mistake. I'm convinced that if I would have brought it myself I would have figured it out. One table had 2 prime ribs, the other had 2 ribeyes. So the other girl gives the two ribeyes to the prime rib people and I say, "prime rib medium well?" and they say, no, we got prime ribs. Yep. The other table apparently didn't even know what they ordered, which drives me nuts. I figured out what happened really quickly, and I hadn't given out my steaks yet. The other people, however, were already cutting into the wrong steaks. I gave them the correct steaks and of course the first people didn't want steaks someone else had cut in to. I don't blame them. I went back and got 2 new steaks on the grill, but I could tell the tables weren't too happy about the mix up.

Remind you... I have probably 11 tables going at this time, the biggest section in the store. I asked my manager to go talk to the tables and he made some snide comment about how he was going to say his server wasn't very bright.

All that for this...
The table that got the right steaks, and didn't have to wait for new ones, complained so much that they got their money back. And not just the money for the steaks. They got their money back for the buffet too, which they totally ate. My manager doesn't do that very often (actually almost never), but he was convinced they wouldn't have it any other way. I apologized. It was an honest mistake, made during rush hour on a Friday night. To top it off, I didn't feel well, and by the end of the night I had totally lost my voice and my head was throbbing.

I wouldn't have minded the table that had to wait complaining. In fact, I would have deserved it. It made me mad that the ones who got everything they wanted at the right time complained. What jerks. Just a side note: the other table said it was okay. Everyone makes mistakes, and they tipped me.

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  1. Ugh, I can't stand that! I've been so lucky that my managers stand up and fight for us. There's nothing worse than being undermined by a higher-up. I'm sorry, babe!



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