Monday, April 27, 2009

Potty training...!

But to be fair, my baby is doing fairly well. Or, he was.
Recently, he lost all interest in using the bathroom. He would go through 2-3 pull-ups an hour until finally, I just put him in a diaper. If He would fight and cry if I even suggested going to the bathroom. Usually, if I put him in a diaper and tell him he can't wear a pull-up until he uses the potty he will go ahead and use the potty. But not this time.

He didn't care. He was like, 'Great, a diaper. Now I can pee all I want.'

A friend of mine has a baby 1 day younger than him and she had a similar problem. She told me that she read it was normal for a 2 year-old, once they know how to use the potty, just to not want to anymore. For a few weeks, she reverted totally back to diapers. Now, she punishes her daughter for going in her pants. But I can't really do that.

So I decided to spice up potty-time! I gave the babe a chart with his name at the top and each day of the week. I got some smiley face stickers, Spongebob stickers, and dinosaur stickers (which were just laying around the house) and told him each time he used the potty he got to put a sticker on his chart.

The first day he went 3 times, which is okay, but still not too great. The second day he used the potty 8 times. The third I think was 7, and I think yesterday was somewhere around there. After each time, he excitedly picks out his sticker (or I do it for him if he has something better to do). At the end of the day we count all of his stickers and I tell him what a big boy he is.

We also let him get some new "big-boy underwear." He picked solid colors with a dinosaur on the butt. Now, instead of him taking 5 minutes to pick from the 3 pairs he had, he takes twice as long to pick from the 10 pairs he has. Then, he decides he wants a different color. It's cute.

Yesterday, his dad took him out of the house in his underwear for the first time. They just went to the grocery store, but it was a big step for him. And each time someone comes to the house, he shows them his potty chart :)

I think we're back on track, and probably doing better than ever!



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