Friday, April 24, 2009

Easter... Yes, I'm behind

Easter. Dang. It seems so long ago. I will quickly recap Easter.
My babe decided he was scared of the Easter Bunny. We went to Purina Farms and he wouldn't even unbury his head from my shoulder to look at the big furry creature. He cried when we walked near. He even told me he was scared. I went over and sat by the bunny, baby leached on me, thinking he would warm up--nope. When we went home I showed him previous pictures of the two old pals together (baby and bunny) and he kept talking about the Easter Bunny. But when I asked if he wanted to sit on his lap he just simply stated, "no." One thing that is consistent with this boy is that he knows what he wants. Even worse, I thought I traumatized him. For the rest of the day, he wouldn't even look at any bunny, even real ones. :(

The next weekend we decided to go to Aholt's Farm. I had my 10 year old niece with me, who also hates the Easter Bunny. I told her that if she could pretend she liked the bunny, smile in a picture, and get the baby to sit with him that I would give her $2. My mom told her she would take her to the movies (She really wanted a picture of my niece with him too). And apparently, my sister told her she would give her $3. So she thought she had a pretty sweet deal. So, we get to the farm and do some other things first. They had little chicks and duckings to play with, awesome vintage cars, a really cool homemade slide going down from haystack stairs, an egg "hunt" (they were just spread around), a maze that was actually pretty dark (our flashlight was super dim, and I just had to feel my way around most of the really short hay maze), and some animals to pet (piggys, goats, chickens, etc). We also painted a wooden egg. Finally, it was time (this would be an appropriate place for a sound effect). My niece just grabbed my baby and drug him up there. Ha! It was easy for her! Don't get me wrong, he still cried, but at least there wasn't a death grip! I went up and sat by the two little monsters and he stopped crying. Unfortunately, I didn't notice that he was picking his nose.... yeah, really. Well, his finger is pretty close, it looks like if he's not he's definitely getting ready to.

Oh well. Maybe next year.
Easter morning we had a little egg hunt outside for the baby, just the 3 of us (mama, dada, baby:)) and then we went to my moms and had a hunt at her house too. We came home, at a ton of candy, had the boo's sister over for lunch, and then went back to my mom's for dinner. It was an exhausting day, but babe loved it. Mainly because he got candy. I tried really hard not to go overboard, and I think I did a good job. I may have made a few too many real eggs, but only because I don't think lil babe liked them. I only dyed 2 dozen (1 was for my mom, one dozen was for us).

It wasn't long after Easter that we finished the candy, including what my mom gave the baby and us. So, yay. There was my Easter.

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  1. You know what would make this post better? PICTURES. Just saying.




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