Monday, April 13, 2009

Man, time flies

... so that's why I haven't been on here recently.
The weekends have been packed, and the week, even worse. I just keep telling myself that there are only 4 weeks left until I get a summer break. aaah! That sounds nice!

Last weekend I attended my first China meeting. Yes! I am going to China! I wasn't qualified to do the Teacher Training program that everyone else is doing. I did get accepted to do the Student Training program though. I am the only one in our group of 22 that is not already a teacher. I am also the youngest. I feel a little intimidated, but I don't know why. I guess mainly, because our advisor lady can't really tell me anything about the program because she doesn't know. lol. But when I get back I will be able to tell everyone all about it. Personally, I think it will be more fun to teach children than adults. They will all know some English.

There will be at least 3 other American teachers in my school, and I think we will be staying at the same hotels. We can swap classes, combine classes, and trade tips. I've been looking over the teaching material, and trying to think of ways to make it fun. I've also been trying to add a little more to each day, since I will be in the same school for 3 weeks. All of the other teachers will be in one school for 2 weeks, and then move to another school for the third week. That is, if they do the 3 week program. There is also a 2 week program. I'm pretty sure I'm teaching all 3 weeks. Apparently the Chinese aren't in any hurry to tell us where we are going to be or too many details of the trip. Until May. Which I guess is plenty of time to get things in order before July.

I just realized I'm going to miss the 4th of July with my family. I wonder if the baby will like it this year? Or if he'll even be able to stay awake? Last year it started really late, and he didn't make it. O well. There's always next year. I am also going to miss my 23rd birthday. That isn't so bad, but I will miss my sister since we always do something fun together on our birthday. Maybe we can plan something for when I get back.

I still have a TON of planning to do for China. But I think I will be able to get more accomplished when I finish this semester at school. This week my goal is to apply for my Visa. I already have the application filled out.

At the meeting we were supposed to do an hour of orientation, and then go through the lesson plans our advisor provided for us. We didn't get to go through the plans really, because there were so many questions. I might see if she can go through them with me sometime before we go. Also, we are supposed to bring small gifts for our class (of 30!) and larger gifts for our classroom helper and the instructor of the program. Remember, I'm the only one that's still in college, so I'm really, really broke. I need something cost efficient. Any ideas? I have a few, and I'll post them on here, but not right now.

I need to do a lot more posting, but for now, I'm off to class.

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