Monday, September 6, 2010

Box of Books!

The other day, G's mom insisted I walk down to the middle school with her-- because-- in the teacher's lounge, was a large box of books that was headed for the dumpster...

I wasn't quite sure if a bunch of teachers would throw away books, but I went down there anyway.

Sure enough, in the lounge was not one, but several boxes of books marked FREE and a sign about how they were going to be thrown away the next day.

I couldn't just let perfectly good (some look brand new) books be thrown away. Even though most of them weren't really titles I would normally pick out, I chose several (read: a ton) to take home and read. G's mom said the books had been there forever and that they had already been picked through. Since they were garbage-destined within hours I didn't feel bad taking them.

Now, it will take me longer to tackle my Goodreads list, but I will eventually get there. And I have a bunch of new books!

Some of the new titles include:

Love me, by Garrison Keillor

December Heat, by Luiz Alfredo Garca-Ruiz

Drop Dead Gorgeous, by Linda Howard

And, All Night Long, by Jayne Ann Krentz

Again, not exactly my style, but they were in great shape and maybe I'll like them.

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