Sunday, September 26, 2010

Baby Things...

The other week I was at my friend Abby's house while she was opening her presents from her wedding. Her sister had made her a beautiful blanket. She made one for Vincent when he was born too and it inspired me to learn to crochet so I could make him a blanket, which I did.

Well, again, when I saw one of her beautiful blankets I wanted to make one, so I set out to make one for my friend Toni, who was due with her first baby on Sept. 27. I say "was" because she had him today! And, as coincidence would have it, I finished the blanket today too.

Since I had some extra yarn I decided to make him a hat too. I'd never made a hat, or a pom before. I went to (which someone showed me) and watched a video on how to make the hat. Overall, I think it was very successful and is super cute.

I didn't get to go see baby Marsellus today, because I wasn't feeling well and because after a long labor, my friend was pretty exhausted. So tomorrow at lunch, I will get to go see him and give him his present.

The Blanket:

The hat:

The set:

The hat with a rim rolled up:

Set one more time:

And I'm sure it will look much cuter with a baby in it!

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