Monday, September 13, 2010

The Resort

Gary's parents have a membership to Lost Valley Lake Resort. To go there, you have to be an owner or an "associate owner." I'm not sure how it is now, but when they bought their membership, it was good for three generations, which means G and I are associate owners. We only have to pay $25 a year to go there. There's a petting zoo, several lakes for fishing, swimming, paddleboating, canoing, etc., sand beaches, teepees, tents, cabins, RV's for rent, movies, a bazillion activities, an outdoor pool, two indoor (heated) pools, three hot tubs, some saunas, a little cafe and store... just about everything you can think of. The lodge recently burned down, but they have a new one being built. Everyone who has ever been there says it's not as nice as when they had the first lodge (two have burned down), but I never saw the first one, so I don't know any different.

Anyways, G's parents get angry if we don't use the membership because they have to pay yearly dues. We used to go all the time, but kind of fell out of it after Vin was born. He's still never been camping, but we've been making the 1/2 hour trek to use the awesome facility.
Here are a few recent photos.

I've been trying to pick a date when I could have a girls weekend there (I can bring guests), but none have worked out because of my hectic work schedule.
I accidentally lined these up on the left instead of center, but I don't feel like fixing it.
Photos are: Here is Vincent with a goat. He's feeding it a leaf.

Then, Gary gets a kiss from a horse. Did I mention that there was horseback riding?


funny photo.

and me with a llama. Cute, aren't we?

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