Monday, September 13, 2010

Transportation Museum

The other day I woke up with the feeling that it would be a perfect day to take my family to the transportation museum (the actual name is the museum of transportation) in St. Louis. Vincent has been obsessed with trains and even though we took him last year he said he didn't remember. So I called my mom and she and her husband, Gary, Vin and I were off to the musum.

I was right. It was a perfect day. The trains are really cool. There are also antique cars, a boat, and an airplane. You can take a trolly, tram and train ride. We were planning on taking the train ride since we didn't last time and we thought Vin would like it. Paying admission and train fees separately would have cost us more than buying a membership. So, we are now proud Museum of Transportation members. We don't get free train rides all the time, but we do get free admission, and we definitely plan on going back.

One cool part is all the information and history provided, not that I got to read very much of it. The other really cool thing, is that you can go inside some of the trains and see what they were like.

Here are a few photos.

These are from my mom's camera and she is the world's worst picture taker. Not the trash can in the boat picture... eh, well, you get what you can.

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