Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Gettin' Married!!!

No. Not me :) I just thought I would freak ya'll out.

For real though! One of my oldest, closest friends is getting married! I am so happy for her! Her fiancée (I just learned how to make those: é) is so cute and they make a wonderful couple!

I've known about it for several weeks, but I didn't want to be the one to spread the news before she did. Of course... I don't think she could have told people faster. lol. She called me while she was still at dinner and the next day, when she was supposed to come over she had already stopped by our friend's house, her old work (where I work now), and another mutual friend's house.

Her parents already knew because her fiancée had asked her dad before he proposed. Isn't that sweet? I think it is.

She also wanted to set a date, so she knew what to tell people. the wedding will be in August of next year (she had to plan it around some doctor-y tests). I will be the maid of honor! eek!

This time, as maid of honor, I actually know what I am supposed to do and I am anxious to get started. Maybe more anxious than her. She's in school to be a doctor, so her classes are super hard and take up all of her time. But she has given me the go-ahead to start looking.

All I know is her favorite flowers are daises, and they go with pretty much anything. She can't come up with a color. Her idea is to "let us of all (4 bridesmaids including me) pick our favorite color and she will choose from them." heh.

We went to a wedding store and she was liking some very neutral colors like browns, tans, grays. But she has been open to pretty much everything (except bubble dresses, short dresses, and prints). Oh yes, she also liked several shades of green I think...

I think I'm in love with aquas and teals. Any other fun ideas?
My dear friend promises she will tell me the color by her next break from school, which is in August. But until then, the search is on!

Which reminds me... she sent me a picture of a dress she likes that she found online, and I need to find it somewhere so we can try it on. And by we I mean she :)

I will post pictures of some dresses I found online that I like... later. But for now, it's bed time.

Here's two to hold you over:
The future bride and I :)

And her Fianceé

We were bowling last month :)

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  1. Go to, and go to the archives at the bottom of the page. Choose September, and then scroll down about halfway. It's a wedding that uses daisies. :)



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