Monday, March 30, 2009

Workie Work

I'll tell you about my weekend at work. It wasn't too eventful. I worked Thursday instead of Friday, because I had plans for Friday. Thursday was ridiculously slow, which is wierd because usually Thursdays are as good as Fridays. Not necessarily as busy, but there are fewer servers, so you do better in the long run. Not this time.

I wanted to go home, so I could get some stuff done. But I wasn't allowed to because there is a new lady and they didn't want her to be on her own, nor did they want her to "feel like she was being kicked out on her first night alone." Ok. So I had to stay.

My frenemy wasn't there, so it wasn't too bad. One thing did make me a little angry. A customer asked about some shrimp they had ordered. Honestly, I had forgotten that they ordered food, but I did hang my ticket up. When I went back there I got it, but found that it had been 25 minutes. Oops. The lady wasn't mad, but I was. There's no reason a 2.5 minute order should take that long.

I talked to my manager, who said that it was actually my fault. I did my job. I wrote my name and number on the ticket and hung it up. It is NOT my fault that the cook didn't do his job. Yes, I should have asked about it sooner, but still. Oh yeah. To make it worse, the cook was just goofing off. I was actually working.

My manager told me to apologize and say "Usually we're not this busy..." HA! They were the only ones in my section. So I went out and said, "I'm sorry. Usually we're not this busy at this time of night. Usually we don't have any customers..." and turned around and walked away. Just kidding. But I would have liked to.

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