Friday, March 27, 2009

Something Happened

Something great, and amazingly uplifting happened today. I don't want to elaborate too much because I'm not supposed to really talk about it. I know no one that reads this would know what I'm talking about, but that is totally okay. The overall point is still great.

Today I got into an argument with a professor, which happens frequently with this specific professor. For the sake of this article we'll call him Mr. B. Anyways, after class I asked Mr. B if I could use a paper I wrote for his class for another class and he said that was okay. Then I told him I didn't mean to dispute him in class, and he said he liked to argue.

The argument kind of needs just a little more explaining. But I can't. Dang. This is harder than I thought it would be. okay...

Basically, this professor, that I really respect (and who is really hard on me), told me I was the best writer he had. He told me that I deserved special attention (which I told him I felt like my professors give me) because of the kind of person I am. He told me him and another professor agreed on this, which was a double compliment.

He also said (which I resent) that the first week of class he thought I was "just another hick, maybe Christian Conservative, not willing to think or be open minded," but after about a week he "found out he was dead wrong."

I told him it was easy to judge someone you didn't know.
We talked a few more minutes as he chain smoked and I tried to hold back a small tear in my eye. But I had to wipe it away.

I didn't listen to my radio the whole way home so I could relish in my compliment. I work so hard, and it's nice that someone else notices, and thinks you're good.

There was a lot more to the conversation that I can't elaborate here, but it really made my day.

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