Saturday, March 14, 2009

Friday the 13th

Friday night was Friday the 13th. Of course, I worked. At about 6:30 I was getting silverware because we were busy and out. I grabbed the tray and started to walk off. I began to slip, so I threw up my arms to try and catch my balance. I overcompensated and totally wiped out. It hurt pretty bad I caught myself with my wrist and tailbone. I hit my wrist so hard that my shoulder hurt and my tailbone hurt really bad. My manager saw, and wanted me to sit and take a break for a minute. But like I said, we were busy, so I had to just shake it off. I couldn't let the others pull my slack.

Everyone was really sweet about it and rushed over to help me get up, and pick up all of the much needed silverware I had just dumped. Now they had to be rewashed!

One day after "the fall" my wrist and shoulder feel fine. My tailbone, however, still hurts pretty bad. My back hurts a lot too from how I fell. I work again tomorrow, so hopefully I'll be feeling a little less sore. It was a pretty hard fall. Dang Friday the 13th, it had to be bad luck!


  1. I hope you feel better. On the bright side everyone was cool about it. What I can't stand is when people become dicks in a situation like that.

  2. Well, there's always a good laugh! But after they know I'm okay.



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