Monday, March 23, 2009

Work Again!

What can I say about work?
Oh yeah! I hate it!
People ask why I don't just get another job, and the simple answer is that I'm lazy. My job is just "too easy." I can get whatever hours I want, call out without fear of repercussion, and I make a nice amount of cash even when we are slow.

And though the money is not as good as it used to be, I still feel lucky to have a job.

Now, my bitch. We got a new "head server." She is not really new, she's worked there forever and usually I like her a lot. I used to look forward to working with her, but now I dread it. If her head got any bigger, it would explode. She busts me of stuff that she herself doesn't do, and is so nitpicky. For example, on Sunday I told her I was going to leave. To be nice, I asked if I needed to do anything else.

"No, not if your floors are clean and everything," she said.
"They are," I assured her.
"If you say so," she snipped.
I should have just left...but...

After a sigh I asked her to walk me through my section and point out where it wasn't clean and she pointed to a spot on the floor of 2 crumbs. When I opened that morning, her section from the night before had more crumbs on the floor! I'm not joking.

She was going to be there another 5 hours, and she couldn't clean up a few crumbs? Thanks.

I was trying to respect her and be a good example, because I don't think everyone else does. But I can't anymore.

But I need a good reason to stay in school.

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