Sunday, January 8, 2012

Pet Problems

Well, if you guys didn't think I was crazy before, I'm sure you will after this post... That is...if you don't think I'm a genius.

I'll start from the beginning. I have this little Chihuahua named Milo. I also have a Chihuahua pug mix named Lexi, but she's not the topic.

Anyway, Milo has "little dog syndrome" in a big way. He barks and goes crazy to Gary's mom's great dane Boo, even though Boo could eat him in one bite. He also marks things like crazy. Vincent and I took him for a three block walk and he probably peed on 15 things.

He never used to mark in the house, but its recently become a problem. I don't know why. We had some pup visitors and I think it may have made Milo want to prove he's the dog in charge.

Gary's mom had luck "bell training" so I thought maybe I would too. I bought some bells, to no avail. There more like decorations hanging on my door.


The pups stay outside during the day. They have a nice insulated dog house and yard to play in. Plus they have sweaters and coats too. I know, I spoil them.

It got to be where I would let Milo in at night and he would immediately come in a pee on something. I don't have much carpet in my house, so it was easy to clean up, but still very, very frustrating. I bought spray to try to clean his scent out of everything (thinking he could still smell it even thought it had been cleaned,) but he still did it. I scrubbed and cleaned. I told him no and put him back out to be in trouble.

Gary finally banished him outside. He said Milo had to be an outside dog if he couldn't keep from peeing in the house. I was sad. I didn't know what do do. I like pets that I can pet, not ones that I have to look at outside.

So I googled how to take care of it and found tons of cute little wraps called "belly bands", but they were expensive! Well, they ranged from about $8 to about $40 depending on how fancy you wanted to get. I found a pattern for one. I didn't have any velcro to make one and I wanted something until I could get some. So, I used a fuzzy sock. It's nice and soft and I can double it up.

Even better? The problem has been fixed! When he comes in I just slip it on and he doesn't even sniff around anymore! The idea of the belly band was like a diaper for a baby. He would figure out that peeing in the house was uncomfortable for him and would eventually stop. But he hasn't even tried to pee in the house.



And, he's used to wearing clothes, so he hasn't tried to take it off. He does seem a little bummed out about it, but I'm sure he'll get over it. And, I get to have both my cute sweet puppies in the house without any problems.


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