Sunday, November 27, 2011

In Honor Of...

Reading online news the other day, as I often do, I somehow came across this story. If you don't feel like reading it, it's about a little boy who has cancer and not much time left on this Earth.

Anyway, he said he didn't really feel like he had an impact on anyone's life, with the exception of a boy who he gave a McDonald's toy to. It was so sad because you just know this sweet little boy has tons of people who love him and who have been touched by his life.

His mom thought that if people quickly sent some easy-to-make fleece blankets, her son could pass them out to other's who live at the hospital and feel like he has touched their lives. She also asked people to send cards telling her baby how he's touched their lives.

I don't know why, but I felt like I needed, no... wanted, to do something. Though I know how to make those fleece blankets, fleece is hard to come by around here. The closest place I could find with any was about 25 miles away. Apparently there is some closer, but since Wal-Mart stopped carrying the stuff, it is kind of a pain to come by.

But, I had everything available to make some cute slippers. I immediately wrote Oliver a letter to let him know I had been touched by his story and would be sending something soon. As quickly as I could, I whipped up two pairs of slippers, one boys about Vincent's size and one girls a little bigger. On each I put a tag that said they were in honor of Oliver Palmer.



I wanted to make sure that whoever got the gift, whether now or in the future, knew about Oliver.

I hope Oliver received them and I really, really hope he leaves this Earth knowing that he truly has made a difference in the lives of others and that his life- though way too short- is meaningful.

I have to stop before I cry. Night guys.

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