Friday, September 9, 2011

Remembering September 11, 2001... 10 Years Later

On September 11, 2001 I was barely 15. I was a freshman in high school and what you are about to read is one of the very first "news" (if you would call it that) articles I ever wrote. So yeah, it sucks. But I typed it exactly as it was written, mistakes and all.

I'm sure my journalista friends will get a chuckle from this. It is riddled with opinions and random statistics and every quote is wrong, but I like how it shows what we were thinking as high school students shortly after the 9/11 attacks.

The other day, I'm pretty sure while looking for my sister's medical records, my mom came across a story myself and another girl, Kayla Hoeft, had written. There is no date on the good 'ol Wildcat Review. It just says Volume 6 Issue 2. I'm assuming since we started school in August and published monthly this was probably our second issue and was likely published sometime in October, 2001.

Here goes:

Students React to Terrorists' Attack
By Kayla Hoeft and Karen Myers

We are all deeply saddened by the events that occurred on September 11. Students at Union High School show a variety of emotions when discussing the attack. For most, fear is a big factor. "Many Americans felt safe in the United States until this tragedy occurred; it is a shame that we can't live in our own country in peach, without being afraid of what might happen in the future," says freshman, Alyson Krenning.

Some aren't afraid but instead show anger, especially toward Afghanistan. Some students here at the high school are even angry with Muslim and Arab Americans. "Since the attack on the U.S. happened, America may never look at the Arabic people the same way again," said senior, Angela Sarber.

Another reaction is large numbers of students showing patriotism. Eighty percent of students said they displayed a flag either at home or in their car, but only thirty percent would be willing to fight if they were needed for war. There is a large demand for flags at department stores and on the Internet.

Will the attack on the U.S. be a significant mark on this generation like the assassination of John F. Kennedy was on the post World War II generation? When asked this question, senior, Kelly Guittar said, "I feel that the attack on the U.S. isn't only going to be a significant mark on my generation, but on every generation to come. it's that we all realize that we aren't guaranteed life. I just hope that we could ask for God's blessing at all times instead of just during tragedy."

Senior, David Pickett sees a positive outcome to the attack, saying, "The citizens of the United States in the years past thought that they were protected and that the U.S. is a big nation that nobody would attack. The September 11 attack work up the nation and made us see that our ethics were bad. the politicians were so worried about fighting with each other... that they never achieved anything. They aren't arguing anymore; instead, they are trying to help citizens of the United States, citizens who were hurt. The politicians are also trying to find out who attacked us."

In October, President Bush warned the Taliban that time was running out for Afghanistan to hand over Osama Bin Laden and top leaders of his Al-Qadia terrorist network. Soon after, the United States attacked Afghanistan and dropped relief food packets for the civilians. In his address given after the attack, president Bush said that America was not at war with the religion of Islam or the people of Afghanistan. he also urged Americans not to pick on fellow Americans who look different than we do.

President Bush asked that each child in America earn one dollar to donate to Afghan children. The high school's club Dreamers is collecting for this fund, which will be distributed by the Red Cross.

Many students agree with freshman Krisandra Tabor who commented, "The twin towers might have fallen; a side of the pentagon might have crumbled, but the walls of this nation will never divide. God bless all the families that have gone through this tragedy, and we hope that the United States will soon be put back together."

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