Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Fair Days

The Washington Town and Country Fair is over!

Growing up, my parents used to take us to the fair every year. We loved it. As I got older I stopped going because it got to be too expensive, you know, once my parents weren't paying for it anymore.

Now that I work for the paper, I have to cover the Fair. Everybody has to cover the fair. This year was my second year. As much as I love the fair, it's exhausting.

This year I covered the turtle race, superfarmer contest youth and adult, swine breeding competition, dodgeball tournment, fitness competition, horticulture judging youth and adult, a tea party with the queens and livestock judging youth and adult. It might not sound like a lot, but this is hours of work and hundreds of pictures.

We try to make things run more smoothly. Like for dodgeball, I took all of the team photos before the competition began. That way I didn't have to stay for the whole thing and I could find out winners later. This system works quite nicely.

This fair is a Wednesday through Sunday event. I didn't have anything on the weekend to cover. By Friday though my feet ached, my neck hurt from my camera strap and my shoulders ached from my camera bag.

A glutton for pain, I decided to take Vincent to the fair Saturday. It is free for him to get in and we missed the Franklin County Fair because we were camping. On top of that, I invited my best friend, who was also working at the fair, to attend the Lifehouse concert that evening. Saturday morning I was wondering what the hell I was thinking. But, my little guy was excited which made it worth it. Oh, and I went to a benefit breakfast and got my back adjusted so I was feeling pretty good.

We brought Memaw and had a blast.





Nice face, Karen...


I took off his flip flops because other kids were kicking them off during the ride and I didn't want him to get any ideas...


I didn't take a ton of pictures because it started to rain and I didn't want to mess up my camera. More later!

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