Wednesday, June 8, 2011


A light earthquake shook Missouri and parts of Illinois early Tuesday morning, about 3:10 a.m. to be exact.

The funny thing is that when both this earthquake and the last earthquake occurred, I was sleeping and woke up both times.

The first time I saw my bedside table shaking as well as my lamp. I heard other things shaking too, but only for a second. In my sleeping daze, I thought it was "the ghosts." The funny part is that I was okay with the ghosts explanation.

Of course, the next morning I found out that it was a small earthquake.

This earthquake was mostly LOUD! I heard it and jumped up from bed (I'm even quoted in the story! It's not very often I get quoted). I was scared. Gary thought I was falling out of bed, so he reached over and tried to catch me.

In his defense I have fallen from bed before, more than once. AND, he has caught me mid-fall.

We decided that it was thunder and went back to sleep. Again, it wasn't until the morning that I found it was another earthquake.

Now, knock on wood, I've survived at least two earthquakes. Hopefully we are safe when the big one comes...

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