Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Things I'm Looking Forward To...

I thought it would be fun to make a list of things I'm looking forward to.
Short Term:
1. Vincent's 4th birthday and birthday party!
2. Hosting my family's ornament exchange this year
3.Possibly going to see one Jew, one Muslim, one stage at ECC
Long Term:
1. Paying off my student loans and cars and consequently being mostly debt free
2. Being a super awesome reporter who rarely makes mistakes
3. Taking an awesome family vacation
4. Buying a house (when I'm ready!)
5. Having another baby (see above, no rushing!)
Kinda Both:
1. Teaching Vincent to read and write (we're slowly starting)
2. Learning to take better photos for work, which I'm working on as well :D

I'm sure there's more, but I'm tired and I just wanted to post something. Night!

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