Sunday, October 17, 2010


So I found this awesome new (to me) site just for people who like to crochet and knit! It's so cool. It has a lot of free patterns, a "notbeeok" to stash stuff and a place to keep track of all of your works in progress, how far along they are, etc. I'm sure you can do a lot more stuff on there too, but I haven't explored it a ton.


It's cool. It's fun. I love it. Now, I have three projects started, one incredibly difficult, even though it wasn't rated too terribly bad. I'm stuck on the 5th row. I've redone it TWICE, and still can't get it right! So I started something new. Way to go, right? Maybe I'll get back to it after a small break.

I also have a half dozen or so stashed to do later. I'm just not fast enough! Maybe because I have to rip stuff out every other minute. Perhaps I should stick to nice, easy hats?


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