Sunday, October 24, 2010


G's birthday was Wednesday, Oct. 20. He's not a big birthday fan, but I insist on celebrating.
Luckilly, it was Wednesday, so I got off at noon. We all went to the Missouri Botanical Garden for a few hours.
Since he would only tell me he wanted dirt and mulch, I went ahead and got the freakin' dirt and mulch. After all, it was his birthday.
I made a cake called "sex in a pan" (really, that's what it was called!). It had a chocolate cake, caramel, chocolate chips, whipped topping and crunched up Heath bars. It was delicious. Last yeat he got a dirt cake, complete with an awesome planter, fake flowers and candy worms. So this year's was good, but didn't really compare for me. I made a delicious breakfast and his mom had made a lasagna for dinner. It was a nice day.

Flower at the Garden
This is one of my favorite kinds of flower, a Dahlia
A variation of the Dahlia. I want to try and find some roots somewhere I can plant.
This one smells good!
We found a little mouse in the garden!
Birthday boy
Happy birthday babe! I love you!

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