Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Kelly Miller Circus!

It was an incredibly busy weekend, with the pumpkin patch Saturday and the circus on Sunday. When I wrote about the circus, I wanted to take Vincent. I took him a few years ago to the St. Louis Moolah Shrine Circus, but he was a little young for it then. I thought he would be able to enjoy it this time around.

The Kelly Miller Circus is a one-ring circus. You could go on the morning of the circus and watch the animals be unloaded, take a free tour and watch the elephant, Lisa, raise the big top. It was pretty cool. Incredibly expensive, but cool.

We all rode the elephant and Vincent rode the camel as well. We figured it would be a long time before we got the opportunity again, so we siezed it. It was totally worth it.

We didn't escape the circus without cotton candy ($4), a balloon ($7) or a snow cone ($3), but managed to pass up the popcorn, peanuts, soda, candy apples, upgraded seats, etc. The act was pretty good and Vin seemed to enjoy it. The Moolah Shrine Circus was better, but it's a lot bigger, so understandale.

Here are a few photos:
Well, here's one photo. I forgot that I forgot to charge my camera from the pumpkin patch, so I had to use my mom's. I'll have to grab hers for some more pics to upload later.

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  1. How fun! The elephant actually puts up the big top?!?!



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