Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Wedding Update!

Alright! Everyone keeps asking, so I FINALLY began my wedding countdown.
I am getting married in
 59 days
or 1,418 hours
or 85,104 minutes
or 5,106,284 seconds at the exact time I looked this up, via timeanddate.com.

This past week, I mailed invitations. To keep everything small, we only invited a few family members and four friends. I've been putting this off for weeks. Even though there were only a few invitations... I'm soooo lazy. Or busy. Maybe I'll choose 'busy' so I feel better about myself.

Over the weekend, Gary and I got our engagement photos taken with Sofi Seck of Sofi Seck Photography. It was a blast and we're both really excited to see how they turned out. After the photos, Sofi took Gary and I to a Nicaraguan restaurant in St. Louis. Neither of us have ever had Nicaraguan food, but we both really liked our meals. Gary usually likes his food, but I'm a little harder to please.

Let's see. The big stuff has been done for months. We have an officiant, beach house, photographer, bride, groom...

That's it for now.

1 comment:

  1. What's the official date, since I am much lazier than you and would prefer not to actually think about when 59 days will end up being on the calendar...? Sounds like you have some of the big and incredibly time consuming stuff out of the way. Do we get to see the engagement pics???




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