Saturday, May 19, 2012


Some local girls were planning a bike-a-thon to donate toward building an all-abilities playground last Saturday (May 12). I thought it would be fun to get involved. The event was several hours, but you could come ride your bike on the trail whenever and for however long you felt like it, and of course it was all ages. Vincent was so excited to collect money. First, he called my sister and went through the whole spiel, then he asked her to send $2. Next, he called G's mom and asked her to send $5. Then, my mom stopped by and he asked her for $10 (notice it just keeps going up?). Then, he called memaw back and told her to make sure poppa also sent $5. He had reached his $20 goal in...oh... 5 minutes.

Two days after he started collecting money, he lost a tooth. The tooth fairy brought him $2.
"What are you going to do with $2?" said Dada (who thought Tooth Fairy overpaid).
"I'm going to donate it to the bike-a-thon!" he said. My heart almost melted. He's been waiting for this tooth to fall out for weeks and when it finally did, he didn't think an instant before donating it to a cause.

In all, he ended up raising $30, completely by himself. On the day of the bike-a-thon, he had a blast. Man, moms are too freakin' lucky.

Getting ready to start.

Vincent has the dinosaur helmet on.



 Gary had to run to catch up to him.
Headed back.

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